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St. Louis is a large independent city located in Missouri, which is a major port state in the US. As of 03/22/2018, the city’s estimated population is 308,626, which means if another 25,000 people more to the area, the population will exceed over a third of a million. You will therefore not be surprised to learn that it is currently the 2nd most-populous city in Missouri and it ranks 61st in most-populous cities in the US lists. Lyda Krewson is the current city Mayor and she assumed the position in April of 2017.

The city is home to many famous landmarks including Missouri Botanical Garden, Gateway Arch, City Hall, Central Library, Saint Louis Art Museum, Old Courthouse, St. Louis Zoo, Union Station, City Museum and Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. Gateway Arch ensures that the city’s skyline is very iconic as the monument is 630ft tall. In fact, it is the tallest man-made structure in the Western Hemisphere and the plant’s tallest arch. It serves as a centerpiece for the Gateway Arch National Park.

Saint Louis Art Museum was built for a major state event, the 1904 World’s Fair. Its designer was Cass Gilbert and the building currently houses cultural objects, sculpture, and paintings. It is situated in Forest Park and the great news for tourists is that admission is free. This is in contrast to many other museums in the state which have large admission fees.

Those who know about The Dred Scott case might recall that it was tried in the Old Courthouse in 1846. The building was constructed in 1828. Any movie fans out there might have seen the courthouse featured in The Black Hole and Supernova – two famous disaster movies.

There really are dozens of different landmarks that tourists can visit if they plan a vacation to St. Louis Missouri. One attraction that is particularly popular with families is St. Louis Zoo. The zoo is a world-renowned contributor to animal management, research, education, and conservation. Admission is completely free and it is located in Forest Park.

When planning a vacation to St. Louis, in addition to thinking about which famous landmarks you want to visit, you need to choose your accommodation wisely. Fortunately, there are many great hotels in the area and lots of them located in the heart of the city. Just make sure you check out a few guest reviews before booking a room in a particular establishment.